In every region of India, child abandonment can be found.  They have no homes, no security, they are alone - fending for themselves on the side of the road, in the woods, train stations, and bus stops.  They are constantly in peril. They are not assured food or drink, clothing or shelter.  They are among the forgotten in India. And it is an epidemic. 


Todays children are the future leaders of our nation and the world. For a developing country like India, educational development of these children is critical.  The high cost of quality education is one of the biggest barriers for poor and orphaned children across India. 


Established in 1992, we started taking care of children to help secure for them a bright future.  We provide full care for orphans, semi-orphans, and poor children in India. We financially support their every need from clothing, to shelter, to food, to education. We have expanded our services to caring for the poor and elderly, and anyone in need.


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