Children Homes/Child Care Programs

Many children in India are either orphaned or come from such impoverished circumstances, community support is critical.


These children are not fortunate enough to have one meal per day, or a cup of milk or tea, or a place to sleep at night. We reach out to these children, and working with legal authorities bring them into our Children Homes and Child Care Programs to ensure they are cared for. They receive room and board, full daily meals, clothing, personal care and learn to be responsibile citizens of our Nation. They receive free education and school supplies.

Free Schools

The region where OPEN was founded and also most of the country's highest population live in slums. In 1996, we began free schools in two districts.


The main mission was to provide students proper education, discipline, inspiration for a brighter future for themselves, nutritious food to help them focus, learn and establish healthy living habits and good values.


Students who have graduated from our free schools have benefited by the standard of excellence within which they were educated and the focused and respectful teaching methods by our well qualified teachers.

Support for the Aged/Widows Care

When women in India are widowed, their social and economic status is effected in very negative, life-threatening ways.  Women in this situation do not often have the ability or capacity to find work.  They are reduced to second class citizenship within Indian society, all because their husband has died.  These widows are very ill-treated. 


There are many old people in India, impoverished, living on the street, rejected by their loved ones, on whom they had their full hope for the future. Their hopeless situation due to family rejection is heartbreaking. We support widows and the aged with the mission to give them purpose, a method to earn a living, and to make sure they are cared for as they should be.

Training Centers and Self-Help Groups

In order to help poor families financially, OPEN started a few training programs to teach community members skills that could help them earn a living.  Skills such as sewing, computer learning, development of tangible skills they could use within the community to put food on their table (carpentry for example). At this time, we have established eight self-help groups who receive practical training through OPEN.  This training is focused on how to make pickles, candles, and detergent powders that can be sold at community markets. These short-term training programs are offered through local training centers and are extremely valuable to helping the poor climb out of their extreme poverty.

Community Health Care Programs

Living in poverty is difficult enough. But families can be devastated when severe conditions like cancer, heart disease, or traumatic injury occur and no money is available for treatment.  OPEN steps in to help with situations that may include surgery, vision, hearing issues, wheelchair needs, trauma counseling, special dental needs and more. Our assistance covers medical needs but also helps individuals to continue functioning with items like food, clothing and other financial support.