Relief Work

OPEN is very close to the Bay of Bengal and we are often effected by natural disasters, cyclones and severe flooding.


We are always ready to help the poor communities in whatever way is necessary should disaster strike. We provide cooking vessels, plates, glasses, bags of rice, clean water packets, blankets, clothing, other household items and also with our limited funding financial support to help rebuild (if funds are available) to offer the community. 

Sometimes, entire communities are destroyed, and this is where your kind donations come in the most helpful.

Poor Feeding Camps

We conduct feeding camps for the poor and impoverished in slums and hamlets that are often forgotten by other community organizations.  We distribute rice, and other basic provisions to the families living under extreme poverty. We conduct awareness meetings about the lack of nutrition in this communities.


We prepare food for the poorest of the poor six times per month. We serve 3-500 people four to six times per month. These people live hand to mouth and literally have nothing. It is a blessing to OPEN to be able to provide to them clean water, nutritious food, fruit, protein, juice, tea and water.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Programs

We conduct this special program in villages, towns and hamlets around India. We divide the audience into two segments: the first to learn about what the disease is and the reasons why we need to control the disease, disease prevention and the first steps to take after one is infected. 

The second group is focused on people who have become infected with the HIV Virus or who are living with AIDS. We holistically counsel them along with family members who are facing the potential loss of a family member to this disease through death. In India, once the immune system is compromised, the chances of fighting off infection and disease drop dramatically.


OPEN focuses and pays full attention on HIV infected persons, by providing counseling services, and bringing their faith to life. OPEN also provides monthly staples such as rice, Dhall, cooking oil and other nutritious food for their day-to-day living. We also provide funding to start a small home business to help stabilize them financially.

OPEN intervenes by:

  • Preventing the transmission and spread of HIV/AIDS through education
  • Helping persons infected with HIV/AIDS to be treated kindly and with dignity, providing transportation to/from hospitals along with counseling and support.
  • Supporting their livelihood by providing opportunities to earn an income so they can continue to support their family.
  • Promoting the equal opportunity to participate and the rights of PLWHAs.